Montini: Babeu can’t outpace a rough past in his competition for Congress

Pinal County Sheriff Paul “Underpants” Babeu wants to forget about his past. And he wants us to forget about his past. And he really wants news reporters to forget about his past.

Babeu had to desert his initial run for Congress when news flush about a dust-up Babeu was carrying with an ex-boyfriend that enclosed disobedient content messages and photographs, including one of Babeu in his underpants.

This time around, Babeu is indignant that he is being reminded of his time as a as headmaster during a DeSisto propagandize in Stockbridge, Mass., a position he hold from 1999 until 2001. During that time there was a state review into reports of abuse and slight during a school.

MONTINI: Babeu wants we to omit his past (and

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