Wait… did these X Factor contestants only exhibit some vital spoilers?

Warning: As a title suggests, this essay contains intensity spoilers

Part of a fad of The X Factor is anticipating out who stays and who goes during a opposite stages.

But apparently before a live shows, all has been pre-recorded so we can indeed have a formula marred for we if we know a right people… or if a people concerned twitter things they substantially shouldn’t be tweeting.

That’s accurately what 3 of this year’s competitor have clearly done.

First up, primary propagandize clergyman Melissa Pedro, who tender with her opening of Gnarls Barkley’s ‘Crazy’, tweeted this:

Her twitter reads: “Had a many extraordinary 7 days!! @radioleary we have been amazing!! Such a genuine chairman on off cam! Going to skip your understanding high 5s!”

Unless this is one of those ‘going to skip you… until I

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