The Spectator Podcast: Marriage for one

An augmenting series of women are entering into a establishment of matrimony with their dream partner: themselves. In her cover square this week, Ariane Sherine investigates a women who have brought a new literalism to saying, ‘I do’. But is this only a quirky fad? Or are we witnessing a surpassing amicable change? Lara Prendergast speaks to Ariane and Spectator editor Fraser Nelson on this week’s Spectator podcast. Ariane tells Lara:

‘There are an augmenting series of women who have decided, since they don’t have a male – or maybe some of them don’t wish a male – that if they can’t find Mr Right, well, I’m going to welcome myself and marry myself and it’s going to be a unequivocally certain and self-affirming ritual. I’m going to entice all my family and friends and have my large day, male or no man’.

But because are they doing it?

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