‘The military shouted during us to come down. We refused’: a Queen’s coronation, 1953

I was in my initial year of university, study medicine during Cambridge. Like everybody else during a time, we was a royalist – a fight years done people really patriotic. Queen Elizabeth was 27 and we all suspicion she was really pretty. There was a lot of fad around her coronation. So we motionless to go along with 3 other medical students, Ivor, Warwick and Trevor.

Warwick gathering us down to London in his soft-top MG after cooking a night before. The automobile was a bone-rattler; it wouldn’t be authorised on a highway today. We upheld a tour in high spirits, swapping disobedient stories and common jokes. We hadn’t designed a outing really well. Hotels were too expensive, so we parked a automobile somewhere behind Waterloo hire and walked to Green Park. It was already full of people, who were chatting and scheming to stay there overnight. Between us

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