7 Things To Know Before Taking The Perfect Vagina Picture

I hatred uncalled-for dick photos.

If you’re promulgation me a dick pic over Bumble, Snapchat or text, consider before pulling “send.”

If it’s 2 pm on a Tuesday and I’m removing a print of your schlong in a center of my meeting, we won’t be pleased. Naughty pics are usually excusable when it’s 11:30 pm and we know I’m home alone.

There are plenty of guides on how to take a dick pic out there. But, what about if we wish to retaliate and get adult tighten with your va-jay-jay?

In my personal experience, holding photos of your cooch sucks.

You have to have decent lighting, for instance. If we don’t, nonessential shadows over your vag will emanate a apparition that it hasn’t been shaved for ages.

The bare print used to be an art form that took hours of reckoning out your angles, not a inebriated Snap sent during 3 in a morning.

Everyone knows what makes

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