14 Sexual Britney Spears Lyrics That Probably Went Over Your Head As A Kid

From an early age, I knew that if my mom said I wasn’t allowed to listen to something, it made me want to listen to the forbidden item even more. So imagine my surprise (and excitement) when my mom started to get uncomfortable with pop princess Britney Spears. The minute my mom put up a fight against Britney, it made Britney even cooler in my eyes. Now that I’m older, I understand my mom’s hesitation about Britney because I recently realized that a large portion of Britney Spears’ lyrics are about sex.

Britney Spears was often rather suggestive or downright sexual in her songs so it’s easy to understand that parents would be wary of the sweet pop princess that evolved into a crop top-wearing sexual goddess. 

The beauty about Britney, though, is how well she disguises her suggestive lyrics. She pairs lyrics about

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