How to forestall your disobedient cinema from appearing on a Internet

A reader who wished to sojourn really, unequivocally unknown has unsuccessful in this regard. She writes:

Recently some cinema and cinema stored in my iCloud comment have found their approach onto a Internet and they’re, well… embarrassing. Is there some approach we could have prevented this from happening?

Yes. If you’d infirm print pity from your iPhone to your iCloud comment those cinema would have remained on your phone. Although a equine has left a barn, here’s what we competence have done.

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Switch off iCloud print pity facilities and your images stay on your phone.

On your iPhone go to Settings iCloud, daub on Photos, and safeguard that a My Photo Stream choice is switched off. Your iPhone will no longer automatically send the images to iCloud.

Switch off Photo Sharing while you’re during it. Although this latter underline is dictated for pity images with just

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